Aluminum Coil

aluminum coil Manufacturer in China

Aluminum coils are metal strips manufactured by casting and rolling mills. Aluminum coils are widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery and other fields. According to the different metal elements contained in the aluminum coil, the aluminum coil can be roughly divided into 9 categories: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000 series.

Shanghai Zhengshang Industrial Co., Ltd. produces 1000-8000 series of aluminum coil, aluminum sheet, and aluminum strips. The products are exported to Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East markets.


StandardGB, EN, ANSI, JIS
Alloy1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000 , 8000 series
Thickness0.3~4.0 mm
Width800~1600 mm
Length1000~5000mm; Coil
Surface TreatmentMill, bright, polished, hair line, brush, sand blast, checkered, embossed, etching, etc
CoatingPolyester (PE), Fluorocarbon (PVDF)
TemperO, T3, T4, T6, T72, T81, T361, T351, T861, T3511, T8611, H111, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38, etc
Coil weight3~20 tons
PackagingExport standard packing or according to customers’ requirements.
CertificateISO9001:2008, SGS
ShipmentWithin 10-15 workdays, 25-30 days when the quantity is beyond 1000 tons.

Aluminum Alloy Series

1000 seriesPure aluminum
2000 seriesAluminum alloy with copper as the main alloying element
3000 seriesAluminum alloy with manganese as the main alloying element
4000 seriesAluminum alloy with silicon as the main alloying element
5000 seriesAluminum alloy with magnesium as the main alloying element
6000 seriesAluminum alloy with magnesium as the main alloy element and added Mg and Si as strengthening phases
7000 seriesAluminum alloy with zinc as the main alloying element
8000 seriesAluminum alloy with other elements as main alloying elements
9000 series

Aluminum Coil Production Line

We are equipped with casting and rolling production lines, cold rolling mills, annealing furnaces, cross-cutting units, stretch bending straightening units, high-speed fine washing machines, and slitting units.

Aluminum coil Manufacturer in China
Annealing furnace
Aluminum strip slitting
Aluminum coil slitting
Aluminum coil coating
aluminum coils packing
Aluminum coil packing

Color Coated Aluminum Coil

After the aluminum coil is cleaned, chromed, rolled, baked, etc., the surface is coated with various colors of paint, which is the color-coated aluminum sheet. The coating is divided into polyester (PE) coating and fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating. Color-coated aluminum sheet has the advantages of light texture, bright color, easy processing and forming, and no rust. It is widely used in aluminum-plastic panels, honeycomb panels, thermal insulation panels, curtain walls, shutters, roller shutters, roofing systems, ceilings, household appliances, downpipes, tanks, and many other fields.

Color Coated Aluminum Coil

Notice of Cooperation

Monthly Supply: 8000-15000 tons
MOQ: 5 Tons
Delivery Time: 10-35 Days; Specific according to the contract.
Packaging: The export packaging usually uses fumigated wooden pallets, fixed with steel belts on the outside, and double-layer moisture-proof raincloth on the outside of the aluminum coil to prevent moisture-proofing agent inside, and adopt sealed packaging.

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