Medical Foil

Monthly Supply: 2000-5000 tons

MOQ: 1 Tons

Standard: GB, EN, ANSI, JIS

Delivery Time: 20-25 Days

Brand: Shanghai Zhengshang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Origin: China


Medical foil blister packaging (PTP) is currently the most widely used pharmaceutical packaging method. It has the advantages of moisture resistance, safety and hygiene, long shelf life, easy portability, low cost, fast production speed, and convenient transportation. The medicinal foil has the advantages of non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, impermeability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance, and high temperature sterilization. The main uses are the blister packaging of drug capsules, tablets, etc., as well as the bag packaging of powder granules and water preparations, especially PTP aluminum foil is moisture-proof, easy to carry, safe and hygienic, and is widely used in the international pharmaceutical industry.

Medicinal foil structure

Medicinal foil structure


Alloy 8011, 8021, 8079 Aluminum Foil
Temper O, H14, H16, H18, H19
Thickness 0.006-0.08mm
Width 20-1600mm
Length C

Our medicinal foils are used for:

    • Needle Cover: Used to protect the storage of medical needles.
    • Blister packs: for pharmaceutical product protection, easy opening and consistent high quality.
    • Corrosion Resistant Syringe Vials: Used to keep syringe vials hygienic and safe.

Medicinal foil packaging


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