Sanitary Stainless Steel Pipe

Monthly Supply: 3000-6000 tons

MOQ: 10 Tons

Standard: GB, EN, ANSI, JIS

Delivery Time: 20-25 Days

Brand: Shanghai Zhengshang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Origin: China

Sanitary stainless steel pipes are mainly used in food, beverage, wine, biological engineering and other production equipment and assembly lines.

Product Advantages

1. Surface finish: Polish the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe to make the surface of the steel pipe bright; it is mainly to prevent the fluid substance in the pipe from forming a wall in the pipe, which is easy to contaminate and cause blockage in the pipe after a long time.

2. Passivation layer: After polishing, the steel pipe needs to be immersed in a passivation pool, and the surface of the steel pipe is oxidized with an acid passivation solution to form a passivation layer to achieve the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe.

3. Oil-free degree: After passivation is completed, oil-free cleaning is performed to remove oil stains on the surface of the steel pipe. After completion, a grease analyzer is required for inspection. Mainly to prevent the oil pollution of the pipe wall itself from polluting the fluid substances in the pipe.


Category Seamless Sanitary Grade Pipe; Weilded Sanitary Grade Pipe
Grade 304; 304l; 316l
Size Range OD12-325*0.5-12mm
Max lenth 120m
processing Precision rolling; Mechanical polishing; Automatic online welding; Mechanical polishing
Delivery Status Hard or soft polishing
Surface Treatment Polished 400grit 0.2μ

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