2205 Stainless Steel Plate

Monthly Supply: 5000-8000 tons

MOQ: 10 Tons

Standard: GB, EN, JIS, ASTM

Delivery Time: 20-25 Days

Brand: Shanghai Zhengshang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Origin: China

2205 stainless steel plate alloy is a duplex stainless steel composed of 22% chromium, 2.5% molybdenum and 4.5% nickel nitrogen alloy.

Chemical Composition
C: ≤0.03
Si: ≤1.00
Mn: ≤2.00
P: ≤0.04
S: ≤0.03
Cr: 21.0~24.0
Ni: 4.5~6.5
Mo: 2.5~3.5
N: 0.08~0.2

1. The comprehensive mechanical properties are better than ferritic stainless steel, especially the plastic toughness, which is not as sensitive to brittleness as ferritic stainless steel.
2. In addition to stress corrosion resistance, other local corrosion resistance is better than ferritic stainless steel.
3. The cold processing performance and cold forming performance are far better than ferritic stainless steel.
4. The welding performance is also much better than that of ferritic stainless steel. Generally, preheating is not required before welding and no heat treatment is required after welding.
5. The application range is wider than ferritic stainless steel.


Steel Grade 2205 Stainless Steel Plate
Thickness(mm) 4.0-100
Width(mm) 1500-3200
Standard JIS4304-2005; ASTM 480/A 480M;ASTM 240/A 240M; GB/T4237-2007; GB 24511-2009
Surface Finish NO.1, 2D, 2B, NO.2, NO.3, etc.

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