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Tin Free Steel (TFS) is also called ECCS (Electrolytic chromium coated steel. It is produced by using chromic acid to coat a layer of metallic chromium and chromium hydroxide on a cold-rolled low-carbon steel coil substrate in a continuous electrolysis process. Its main application is in the packaging field, but it can also be used in other applications, such as electrical equipment.

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Advantages of Tin Free Steel

Paint adhesion-TFS has excellent paint adhesion, far better than tinplate.
Heat resistance-high temperature baking (about 400 degrees Celsius) will not cause discoloration of TFS steel or deterioration of material properties.
Appearance-Even if the same surface finish as tinplate is applied to the base steel plate, TFS steel still has the unique surface gloss characteristics of metallic chromium.
Corrosion resistance-TFS steel has very good corrosion resistance after painting. It is usually used when both surfaces are coated with paint.

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NameTin Free Steel (TFS)
StandardASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS
Material GradeSPCC, MR
Temper(BA&CA)T1, T2, T2.5, T3, T4, T5, DR8, DR9, DR10, etc.
Thickness0.15~0.50mm(Tolerance: +/- 0.01 mm)
Width600~1050mm (Tolerance: 0~3mm)
Coil inside diameter420/508mm
Coil Weight   1~5 MT
Surface Finish Bright, Stone, Silver, Matte, Mirror and Color printing
ApplicationsBeverage cans, food cans, general cans, printed circuit board and other containers, etc.

The Temper Grades of Tin Free Steel

Temper Applications
T1 (hardness: 49 +/- 3)In applications involving deep drawing that require greater flexibility
T2 (hardness: 55 +/-3) In applications that require moderate stretchability and a certain degree of rigidity.
T-2.5 (hardness: 55 +/-3) It is required to combine the stretchability of T-2 tempered grade with the rigidity of t-3 tempered grade.
T-3 (hardness: 57 +/-3) In applications where stiffness is required to prevent buckling
T-4 (hardness: 61 +/-3) Applications that require greater rigidity, such as cans and cans
T-5 (hardness: 65 +/-3) Applications that require very good buckling resistance
DR -8 (hardness: 73 +/-3) Applications that require stiffness and strength
DR-9 (hardness: 76 +/-3) Applications that require stiffness and strength
DR-9 (hardness: 76 +/-3) Applications that require stiffness and strengt

TFS Factory

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Product Packaging

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