Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Coated Steel

The aluminum-magnesium-zinc steel sheet (Al-Ma-Zn) is a new type of high-corrosion-resistant coated steel sheet. Its base layer is mainly composed of zinc, plus 11% aluminum, 3% magnesium and a small amount of silicon. The surface of the aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel plate has a fine spangle crystal texture, and the surface is coated with a special resin protective film to keep the surface of the product smooth and metallic.

Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Coated Steel Coil
ZAM Steel Coil

Schematic Cross Section

Schematic diagram of ZAM steel sheet structure


Coating Weight100-180g/m2
Steel GradeLow carbon steel: DC51D+ZM, DC52D+ZM, DC53D+ZM.
Structural steel: S250GD+ZM~S550GD+ZM .
Low-alloy high-strength steel: HC260LAD+ZM ~HC340LAD+ZM.
Duplex steel: HCT450X+ZM, HCT590X+ZM.
Surface Treatment①Passivation+oiling, ②no passivation+oiling, ③passivation+no oiling, ④no passivation+no oiling, ⑤fingerprint resistant
Application Roofs, walls, ventilation ducts, containers, floor pavilions, rolling shutter doors, electrical back panels, auto parts, etc.

Al-Ma-Zn Coated Steel Coil Manufacturing Process

Schematic diagram of ZAM coated steel coil manufacturing process

Excellent Performance

1.Self-healing: The wound of the aluminum-magnesium-zinc steel plate is self-healing, and its cross section is usually covered by a dense protective film composed of zinc hydroxide, alkaline zinc chloride or magnesium hydroxide.

2.Good corrosion resistance: It can effectively resist the corrosion of various acid and alkali chemicals and prolong the service life of steel.

3.High temperature resistance: When the temperature is as high as 450℃-650℃, the coating can still be guaranteed not to fall off.

Advanced Production Line

Al-Ma-Zn Steel Sheet Company
SuperDyma Steel Coil Factory


  • Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated room with no chemical pollutants around. If it is placed outdoors, it should be covered with rain cloth.
  • Transportation: The steel coil must be tied and fixed during transportation, and covered with rain cloth to ensure transportation safety.
  • Slitting: The width of the steel coil after slitting must meet the corresponding tolerances, to avoid burrs on the edges, and not to produce creases, gravures, scratches, embossing, foreign matter adhesion and other defects that affect the subsequent processing.

Notice of Cooperation

Monthly Supply: 1000-2000 tons
MOQ: 20 Tons
Delivery Time: 10-35 Days; Specific according to the contract.
Packaging: According to customer needs, provide naked packaging, fumigated wooden pallet packaging, waterproof paper, iron sheet packaging, etc.

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